Welcome to A.G.I.S. and The Platform.

The platform is a tool for creating new environments, new ways of interacting, and new ways to play in a myriad of worlds.  The Platform leverages a “modding” approach to user engagement but gets rid of the standalone development client (IDE). Instead, we put “Edit Mode” right into the system.  This combines the best aspects of popular games like Roblox and Garry’s mod into a brand new offering, built from the ground up to run on any device yet provide a next gen (VR,HDRP,Mobile) experience.  

On The Platform, developers will discover an easy to use toolset.  Gamers will find an endless supply of new worlds to play in. Content creators will be able to leverage never–before-seen levels of Twitch integration and Youtube creation options. Artists can create new venues to display their work and attendees can be brought along as both witness and participant.   

In essence, The Platform lives up to its name and provides a platform for creativity, game-play, and unending experiences limited only by the creative nature of the builder.

Recent Assets: