Learn More About The Platform

The Platform was designed from the ground up as a cross-platform experience.  However, it was envisioned first and foremost as a VR experience and has a customized experience in VR as such.  Additionally, the system has been developed with a modular approach and has a tiny footprint. (<500 megs) This approach allows us to quickly do hardware or software integrations.  With system requirements on the lower end, even users with five year old macbooks can enjoy the experience as much as high end VR experiences such as on the Playstation platform.  Both traditional 3D and VR experiences are available, so hardware requirements could range from lower end laptops to high end 5th generation gaming consoles.  

On The Platform, developers will discover an easy to use toolset.  Gamers will find an endless supply of new worlds to play in. Content creators will be able to leverage never–before levels of Twitch integration and Youtube creation options. Artists can create new venues to display their work and attendees can be brought along as both witness and participant.   

In essence, The Platform provides a platform for creativity, game-play, and unending experiences limited only by the creative nature of the builder.

The Platform will appeal to a wide variety of end users including:

Because The Platform was built in Unity – and is almost entirely comprised of business logic and the math to drive the assets, porting the experience to other platforms is a nominal lift.  Being able to test against the new Sony PSVR2 experience will allow us to be ready to provide this unique experience on day one.   We would love to take advantage of any specific PSVR2 functionality re: Haptics, Adaptive Triggers etc.  Additionally – we’re very excited to see how high the graphics quality can go with the new foveated rendering. 

Our edit mode includes but is not limited to the following functionality:
Import Asset (Thousands available with more to come!)
Modify Asset (Rotate, Move, Size)
Lighting & Skyboxes
Audio (Contextual for weapons, npcs, props, etc)
Effects (Gunshots, smoke, fires)
Control ANY Character in 2d or VR with Inverse Kinematics Synced Over network.
Coding in plain english using Behaviors (Leverages our AGIS.AI Technology)
Truly Dynamic Conversational AI for NPCs (Tell an NPC to talk like Neo from the Matrix or provide them a backstory and let the AI system decide what to do and say)

Put all of this together and you have an unrivaled game design experience.  And the best part is this creation engine is right in the game!

Lets look at an example user with no experience, who has a vision for a game they have always wanted to build.  Perhaps this game developer wants to create a high noon (Western) environment.  They can log in, browse for a pre-built western town or locate specific assets, and create their map.  Once in the scene, they can discover a large number of assets to include: tables, bar stools, mugs, a piano playing saloon music, tumbleweeds, and more.  The creator can place them, configure the lighting, sky, sound and weather before finally assigning behaviors to the NPCS or creating other custom game functionality.  The scene will react according to how the user designs it!

When new users first come into The Platform, they will be greeted with an introductory ‘room’ in which they will be shown how to interact with the environment.  This will include movement instructions; camera options in relation to the avatar; finding and spawning new assets; how to scale, rotate, and place these objects in the environment; how to load and create new environments – including terrain and skyboxes; as well as how to reach out for help. 

The object of this onboarding is to give all users, regardless of gaming platform, the basics for how to interact, modify, and save the scene either for future work or for sharing with others. 

The Platform will also have a variety of ways to support this first minute, with Discord channels, support email accounts, video tutorials, and other appropriate support venues. 

The platform has a WebView built into the application which can view youtube, twitch etc.  We also have the capability of creating video tutorials and embedding them directly into the new player experience.

The Platform is a creativity tool chest with all the instruments needed to see a vision come to life.  The ability to bring ANY asset into ANY scene in an intuitive way is a game changer.    

Imagine you have always wanted to play drums in front of a crowd at the Red Rocks Venue.  With The Platform, you can import a Red Rock’s scene, a drum set and a mic, set the skybox to a cool evening in October, and the spotlight directed to center stage.  Once created, you can invite your friends (or more importantly, your followers) to attend your virtual concert on Thursday evening at 8:00.  Do it on twitch so everyone can see the show!

Want to recreate the showdown at the OK Corral?  Load up the western scene, drag your six shooter asset into the scene, place Billy Claiborne at the far end of the Tombstone street, define actions and reactions for A.I. Claiborne, and test the scene out.  Once you have it looking and behaving exactly as you like, save it and publish for the rest of the world to experience.

Want a more fully fleshed out Western theme?  Import the ‘Western General Store’, stock it with items to be sold; import the ‘Western Saloon’, put some tables down, place an old piano and drag the old piano music asset into the scene.  How about some tumbleweeds rolling through town?  Done. The options are limitless.  Just don’t pay attention to the large spacecraft looming over the local hotel.   Its probably fine.

Considering an ecosystem like this is only as good as its asset library, we have made it as simple as a few clicks to bring assets into the platform!

While the traditional drag and drop an FBX method works through our website, users with PCs or Macs are encouraged to use unity 2021 or newer and leverage our asset build monitor plugin. This magical little tool allows users to drag and drop bundle assets and type in meta data for the whole batch.  Modders can upload hundreds of assets at a time – fully automated with a single click!

In fact – games or experiences (such as historical simulations) that already exist in a unity environment can have their assets(not code) exported directly into the system. They can actually load the Platform up on one monitor – load their project in unity and drag in the assetBuildMonitor – drag and drop whatever they want,before exporing and immediately loading it in the application.

(We have several historical simulation targets to reach out to upon successful launch of the product and hope to lean into educational experience at some point)